Test Flight - Spitfire MK XIV by RealAir Simulations

Here is a "Test Flight" video of the REALAIR Spitfire MK XIV in three parts.
I try as much as possible to stick to the books, regarding the procedures and the performances.
I used the original Siptfire MK XIV Pilot's notebook as well as the excellent Realair documentation.

What Rob Young of Realair Simulations says about my "Test Flight" video of the Spitfire :

"This the very best video I've seen on our Spitfire. Beautifully shot and with stunning smoothness (with Fraps?) which is very hard to achieve;
wonderfully clear and excellent instructions on screen.

This is exceptional and anyone doing their own videos will know what work went into this, and the others in the series.


Rob Young - RealAir Simulations

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1. Engine Start

2. Taxi and Take off

3. Stalls, landing, Shutdown